Flash and Actionscript 3.0

I am enjoying when working in the Flash IDE. I like all the user interface elements that are included in flash. I can make simple animations, banners, menu elements and AJAX forms. From the projects down it could be seen some interesting combinations in which I used Flash elements. Most of the things I am using with Actionscript 3.0. Including sending POST data to php file, reading XML and other simple files. I really enjoy working on flash.

Webham.eu - the project which unites all projects

This is my personal portfolio

I made this site for showing all the projects I made and to make my communication with other people easier. I designed the logo long before starting this project. Then I made it on Photoshop. All other interface elements are made by me too. I enjoyed making the buttons at left. They ware first made on flash but afterwords I decided to write them on CSS and with little jQuery to be visible for Google and to make the navigation of the site more semantic. There are many other things on which I work..

Irontrees.com the site about rock music

This is my first big project

Irontrees.com is my first website, which actually suffered a lot of redesigns. Now the design is made by me. It is first drawn by hand and then finished in Photoshop. In addition to the news system, which I wrote on PHP is included PHPbb forum, on which are made a lot of modifications. There are some things made on jQuery, including the sliding panel on the index page and some modifications on the css. There are also made a lot of things made for the Google opt..

Project for the online shop of Ozz Music

One long time project

This project started a few years ago. It is an online shopping cart. It is based on many ready modules, but it includes a lot of work on it too. At the beginning it was personalized for the needs of the shop. Then there were made a lot of modules for the need of fully filling the needs of the shop. There were made all the visual elements of the site including the rotating logo on flash and a the banner for new discount each month. It was included a system fo..

Flash menu

a flash menu with sound

This is the first version of the menu, which is now remade on CSS and jQuery. It was made on flash with simple buttons functions and added some sound. It was a good variant to be made on flash because..

Bugs and beatles

a flash component from the site of ozz music shop

This is a flash animation from the site of ozz music shop. The goal of this element is for an atmosphere.It is a simple animation of beatles and bugs moving around some skulls. A version of this element could be seen here...

Block of disks of Konstantin Jambazov

A dynamic wideget

This is a dynamic wideget, which gets the last disks of Konstantin Jambazov from the online shop ozz-bg.com and visualizes the in this flash element. It is written as you see on Actionscript 3.0, whic..

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My Portfolio is designed for showing my projects and the technologies I am using. Also for making the contact with me easier. I update this site regularly so if you like it you could check it from time to time. Thanks for the spent time on it!



PHP, Drupal, Zend,
Flash & AS 3.0,
JQuery, MySQL
OpenSuse, Mink/Behat