I am Nikolay Borisov and I am WEB Programmer at Compuccino GmbH Berlin. I graduated Bachelors and Master degree in Computer Science at the University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria. I am programming web applications since 2005 and I am having a lot of fun developing for the WEB. You could check some of my works at the all projects section.
If you wish to contact me for any reason - feel free to do it by the way you like the most from here.
Something like CV:

Date of birth: 23.03.1988
Country: Bulgaria
Family status: In a relationship
Localization: Berlin, Germany

Secondary School of Mathematics Ivan Vazov, Dobrich (2002 - 2007)

Informatics, English, Math

University Of Economics, Varna (2007 - 2011)

Bachelor, IT

University Of Economics, Varna (2011 - 2012)

Master's degree, IT

        English: Proficient Speaker
        German: Independent Speaker
        Russian: Newbie
I have graded an English Course with duration 5 years - 1998-2003 - at Iordan Iovkov school, Dobrich. The first year in the Secondary School was with very intensive learning of English. I have learned German in private lessons and I have ambition in learning it in the future. I have learned Russina during my learning in the school and I've watched a lot of Discovery shows in Russian, so I understand it, but I can't speak much of it. I am now learning Spanish.

I am currently working as WEB Programmer and here are my main ambitions. Mainly I am interested and have spent time programming on PHP. I have a lot of projects written in pure PHP but the willing to perfect my skills have led me to the conclusion to use framework. The framework that I chose and that I like a lot is Zend Framework. Projects that I used Zend Framework could be found in the projects section. I like the MVC structure of it and the whole idea of Zend Framework so I use it on every project where I don't use Drupal.

My experience with Drupal is from two years on but since I am working with it during the fulltime work I have quite a lot experience with it. Experience with Theming since we are making the theming of our own projects. All specific things with using Drupal templates, template.php, hook and theme functions. Most experience is with Drupal Modules. Writing modules for the specific needs of the specific projects. Since Drupal is referred as Content Management Framework it shurely has a lot in common with Zend Framework for example. The references are in the Forms API, Database API, some parts of the templates and so on. I have experience in combining custom modules with already made modules and with the core drupal modules. Things that must be mentioned about my professional work with Drupal are intensive use of Drush, working with Commerce ,Views, Rules, Omega, also experience with the Aegir platform, Profiles.

HTML and CSS are in my interests too. I am enjoying writing semantic correct HTML and to style it with as much correct and multibrowser CSS as possible. I have experience with the CSS frameworks Blueprint and 960 grid. On one of the last projects I used Compass and realy enjoyed the whole idea of it, the automating, the nesting and the CSS3 helper mixins.

I also enjoy writing jQuery for the projects I am working on. Enjoy writing it as simple as possible and making use of it's pack of nice functions. I am familiar with writing jQuery plugins and write simple plugins where needed. I also have experience with jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile, where the last am using on currently.

I have experience with ActionScript 3.0 too. I have several projects on flash and have learned and programmed on it in the past a lot. My experience with it and with Java has only showed me how much in common have the object oriented languages.

My ambitions are in extending and perfecting all my skills in programming and languages.
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My Portfolio is designed for showing my projects and the technologies I am using. Also for making the contact with me easier. I update this site regularly so if you like it you could check it from time to time. Thanks for the spent time on it!



PHP, Drupal, Zend,
Flash & AS 3.0,
JQuery, MySQL
OpenSuse, Mink/Behat