Synergy Capital

fresh and stylish site

Again project with interesting design. Here the main work was in styling it and making it move. The site has blog, categories with services that the company offers and other information web pages. The front end is created in html and css and then transformed into Drupal theme. You could check the project from here ..

Fairmonkey jewels

handmade jewels and accessories

This is a Drupal project for the Swedish company Fairmonkey. The project consists of company information site, gallery of the products they make and option to order if you are registered user. Mainly the work was to theme with HTML and CSS and to make the additional functionality with Drupal and PHP. You could check the project from here ..

Finding jobs

an universety project

This is a project, with which we have participated in an Universety Project Competition with my colleagues Dimitar Danailov and Peter Denev. I have worked on the PHP coding, the logo is my idea and realisation. Also have created a flash element, which was fetching the number of job offers and applicants and showing them in a simple animation...

The Site of Antej 2000 Dobrich

Firm site

This is the site of the firm Antej 2000, Dobrich. Nice site written on XTML and PHP of course. There are used some jQuery functions for making the site more interactive. All the parts are written on PHP by me, including the Guestbook and the form and the gallery. It is made a basic optimization for Google. It is used also an advanced Google api for showing the location of the firm... - the site for handmade jewelry

Something fresh, green and nice is a site for handmade jewels. It is one of my favorite projects. The design of the site is made as simple as possible because it must accent on the products. All the parts of the shopping cart are made by me. I tried to implement the idea of One Page Checkout so the sending of the order to be made with only one page. There are made a lot of things made for the optimization for Google. I also used some jQuery and some jQuery UI elements.. - the project which unites all projects

This is my personal portfolio

I made this site for showing all the projects I made and to make my communication with other people easier. I designed the logo long before starting this project. Then I made it on Photoshop. All other interface elements are made by me too. I enjoyed making the buttons at left. They ware first made on flash but afterwords I decided to write them on CSS and with little jQuery to be visible for Google and to make the navigation of the site more semantic. There are many other things on which I work.. the site about rock music

This is my first big project is my first website, which actually suffered a lot of redesigns. Now the design is made by me. It is first drawn by hand and then finished in Photoshop. In addition to the news system, which I wrote on PHP is included PHPbb forum, on which are made a lot of modifications. There are some things made on jQuery, including the sliding panel on the index page and some modifications on the css. There are also made a lot of things made for the Google opt..

My Portfolio is designed for showing my projects and the technologies I am using. Also for making the contact with me easier. I update this site regularly so if you like it you could check it from time to time. Thanks for the spent time on it!



PHP, Drupal, Zend,
Flash & AS 3.0,
JQuery, MySQL
OpenSuse, Mink/Behat