PHP and Zend Framework

I am working with PHP since 2006. Since then I ve learned a lot of best practices for writing PHP for best results and functionality. I have written most of the things on my own. At the university we ve learned c, c++ and c# so they helped me because they are quite similar to PHP. I am using most of the languages functions. Here is a list of the things I am using and I remember now: connecting to database (selecting, adding, updating and deleting including more complex combinations of them), generating and reading XML , generating and reading text and similar files , working with ftp (copying, moving, deleting of files), working with images (for this I am using framework for better performance), working with sessions (even I made two shopping carts, which I made by my self), working with Strings, regular expressions, math functions, masking of urls with htaccess. I like working with Zend Framework too. I even have two projects made on Zend framework. It makes more professional many parts of the projects. I really enjoy writing PHP code and I am continuing to extend my knowledge.


a system for searching and finding homes

Bytabostad is a project with great potential to expand in the future. It is a system for people, who place ads for properties and those, who search for such properties. It is about searching properties for swap, share, buy or rent.It has a nice desktop and mobile version.You could visit the project from here. Some of the technologies that are used for it are PHP, Drupal, HTML5, CSS3/Sass/Compass ..

Talent me

design and functional changes to the citruz project

Change of the design of the project and adding some functionality at the applicant's profile, and some more extensions in the process of applying for a job. Some aspects of the design change could be seen in the images beneath. You could check the project from here ..

Portfolio of Mariya Yordanova

personal portfolio of Mariya

The design of the site is made by Mariya Yordanova. The other work is made on PHP, Zend Framework 1, HTML, CSS, jQuery. The MySQL database is also specially modeled for this project. The idea of the design is to be as simple as possible - so that the accent of the site to be on the projects...

Teglet system

a system with ticket issues

This project consists of creating ticket system for failures also patrols ,functionality. For it we have created a quite advanced Drupal module, which creates it's own entity and all it's specifics, which it must have, to be able to interact with modules like Views, Rules and the Drupal's standart modules. The system also has a mobile version, created on jQuery mobile, which is used on place from the workers of the firm...


system for offering and finding of job

Quite interesting project. The front end is mad with the CSS framework 960 Grid, and the back end is build by many custom modules, that build the logic of the site. Interesting part is also that the job search and the CV search is made with integration with Apache Solr...

Zenit Design

moving design

It was very interesting project because of it's conception. This is a site that loads all of it's content on one page and the user could access the information by sliding around. The interesting part is that the content of the site has to be loaded in a compact way and at the first loading of the page and then to be presented to the user. Around this project I had the pleasure to dive more deeply in Drupal Database Layer and Drupal Cache Layer. You could check the project from here ..

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My Portfolio is designed for showing my projects and the technologies I am using. Also for making the contact with me easier. I update this site regularly so if you like it you could check it from time to time. Thanks for the spent time on it!



PHP, Drupal, Zend,
Flash & AS 3.0,
JQuery, MySQL
OpenSuse, Mink/Behat